TerraStories, One Girl’s Journey Through America and its Wonderful Women Farmers

During my time at NYU, I was lucky enough to meet countless intelligent, passionate, and like-minded women, who boast commitments to food issues activism, feminism, and overall awesomeness. One of these ladies happens to share my love for all things farm women. Meet Marlie, a compassionate senior at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study (my Alma mater!), with a concentration in Food Justice. She’s the wonderful lady behind TerraStories.tumblr (more on that in a sec!).

During the school year, Marlie has her hand in anything and everything food and agriculture related on campus, from Oxfam @ NYU to the Student Farmworker Alliance (SFA @ NYU) to Community Agriculture Club, just to name a few. OH, and did I mention she also spends her Saturdays working the Hawthorne Valley Farm stand at the Union Square green market, come rain, hail, or what have you? I didn’t? Well, yeah, she does that too.

This summer, she’s packed up her Brooklyn loft and traded in her Metro Card for a road map as she drives across the U.S. interviewing women farmers state to state. Over the course of seven weeks, she’ll be making her way from Massachusetts, up the East coast, down and over through the Mid-West, all the way to Colorado, and finally ending her journey in Kansas City to volunteer for Farm Aid’s benefit concert on August 13th. Check out her route below:

Marlie will be periodically blogging about her experiences and the women farmers that she meets over on TerraStories.tumblr. So click that link and follow her along her amazing journey!


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