Take A Class About Farm Women, and More!

Have you heard about Brooklyn Brainery? If you haven’t, then let me tell you about this gem of a storefront in Carrol Gardens. Brooklyn Brainery is the ultimate in DIY; they offer classes on everything and anything for a reasonable price, taught by regular ol’ folks like you and me. So, for the learning obsessed like myself, the Brooklyn Brainery is an amazing place. You can take a class on “Intro to Urban Forestry,” or “Bookbinding Basics,” or even “Ethnographic Research methods,” if that’s what you’re into.

So why am I telling you about the Brooklyn Brainery (besides the fact that I genuinely think this place is amazing)? Because I’ll be teaching a class there in July on farm women! You can read the class description and sign up on the Brainery site, but the basics are: Thursday, July 7th, 6:45-8:15, $10. I’m really, uber excited and maybe I’ll see you there!

The entire July class listing is pretty enticing and includes classes on ice cream making, cooking Ethiopian, free form crochet, and a FREE class on genetically modified food! Get learning!


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