DIY Business Cards

Annnndddd we’re back! But only for a little bit. On Thursday, Noah and I embark on our post-graduation gift to ourselves: 3 weeks in Europe! We’re already broke from dropping a chunk of our savings on transportation, so thankfully our kind friends and family have offered to host us during our stay. But more on that later…

During this past Legume Loyalist hiatus, Noah and I packed up our life and moved to a new Brooklyn apartment (we’re still unpacking and figuring things out; Noah is re-painting the trim as I type) and, here’s the big news, I graduated!

That’s me!

To kick-off my new life as a student turned “young professional” (well, “young potential professional” is more like it…I’m still effectively jobless) I made myself some business cards. I contemplated ordering a pack from a business card site, but decided that DIY cards would serve my purposes better. (If I learned anything from my journalism classes at NYU, it’s the power of branding. Shout-out to my old J-prof Betty Ming Liu ;-)) I searched the web for a few DIY business card ideas and settled on stamping.

I ordered a custom stamp from this tiny gem of a shop in the East Village: Casey Rubber Stamps. The shop feels like a relic from an older, more eclectic downtown Manhattan (imagine that); there’s just enough room to turn around in the gallery area, but the selection of stamps more than compensates for lack of aesthetics. My custom stamp cost a reasonable $32 and was finished in less than a day.

Choosing what the stamp would say was probably the most difficult part: another helpful tip from j-school, the “rule of threes.” If you’re stuck on what to say about yourself, pick three descriptives that you think provide the most succinct description of how you want to portray yourself to the world.

I also picked out a few other food-related stamps that I thought would add a little interest to my cards:

I bought the paper supplies as well as the mason jar and spoon stamp from another stamping store in the West Village. The Ink Pad carries all sorts of stamping, letter-pressing, and other general paper craft goods. A pack of 100 pre-cut blank business cards cost $6.95 each. They’re pretty sturdy and they come in a few different colors. I bought the packs in “creme” and “kraft” just to mix it up a bit. For the ink, I bought Archival Ink in Viridian (a baby-blue/turquoise hue), Jet Black, and Olive. (I picked-up the yellowish-green color on the creme cards from the Casey Rubber Stamps. He called it “weird green.”) A tip: make sure that the ink you use is waterproof and permanent! You wouldn’t want all your hard work to go to waste with a finger smear.

The process? I laid down an old poster to prevent any stray ink marks on my desk and had a notebook on hand to test everything out. I decided on an Olive colored small legume on the kraft cards and the “weird green” small legume on the creme cards. I stamped my info in Jet Black, and then stamped the back of every card with either the mason jar or the spoon in Viridian.

Voila! DIY business cards!


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