Moving, Graduating, and Traveling

{This is going to be a quick little post as I’m in the midst of writing, packing, moving, graduating, job hunting, etc. But Legume Loyalist will back in full swing soon!}

The cool thing about having friends who graduated from baking and pastry school is that they always feed you delicious things. Another cool thing is that, if they’re kind enough, they let you barrel through their extended collection of niche cookbooks, like the Pie and Pastry Bible, which I borrowed in order to make a peach pie for Easter.

Reflecting on that silly pie, I realize that I would have never baked it had I not met some of the most wonderful people here at NYU. This semester has been choc-ful-of community and connection: pit-stopping by a friend’s apartment to pick up a homemade pound cake, nerding-out over food systems paper topics, sharing embroidery tips.

It’s amazing that a few of the most fulfilling friendships I’ve made started with a single comment: “Did you knit that hat?” “Can you send me this recipe?” “I’m really interested in American farm women.”

Today I submit the last undergraduate paper I will ever write. I honestly have no idea what it’s going to feel like to hit send and then to not have to think about the next paper or reading. (Although, I know what Noah will feel: immensely relieved. He’s been a saint to my constant buzzing and tight-roping the line between sanity and breakdown.) I’ve formed my identity around being a student. Now, I’ll have to face what it means to be a human being. It feels…unreal; like I’ve been sitting in a cozy coffee shop window for the past four years, my nose tucked into a book, or my gaze directed at my computer screen, with only the occasional glance upward to catch a few people walking past.

So what are my plans? Well, I’m not sure. I’ve been interviewing non-stop for the past week, attempting to mold my post-undergraduate life. Noah and I spent all day Wednesday painting our apartment Benjamin Moore paint number 520, Spring Bud (for any of you interested desgin-os), and we’ll be officially moving-in on Saturday.

A week and a half after graduation, we’ll be jumping across the pond, as they say, to France and England for three weeks (eee!). The only other thing I have lined up for the summer is still in the works, but all I can say is keep an eye out for the July course listing at the Brooklyn Brainery! (The Brainery folks got a sweet write-up in the New York Times today.) As I head into the jam-packed weekend, which is looking to be a rainy one, all I can say is “keep calm, carry on.”

{isn’t this just the prettiest print? you can check out the rest of the Keep Calm collection here.}


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