Happy Earth Day! NYC Updates PlaNYC to Include Food

Happy Earth Day! Today is a busy day over at Legume Loyalist: Slow Food NYU is tabling the NYU Earth Day Street Fair from 11-3 on Washington Place between Greene Street and Washington Square East. Stop by for food, fun, music, and more food!!

In other Earth Day news, New York City unveiled an updated version of PlaNYC, the 2030 projection for the city. The newest edition includes a (small, but still a step in the right direction) section on food systems. To sum up:

“Our food systems intersect with several areas addressed by PlaNYC. Improving the distribution and disposal of food within New York City and increasing access to healthy food will not only benefit the environment, it can also have positive public health and economic impacts.

We are developing a multi-faceted strategy to increase access to affordable and healthy foods and reduce the environmental and climate impacts of food production, distribution, consumption, and disposal.”

You can read the whole PlaNYC proposal here, and the food section here. It’s pretty exciting to see the city acknowledging the need for more accessible and affordable healthy foods. New York City is becoming an increasingly active member in the sustainable food issues conversation, and it’s awesome to be right in the middle of the transition. In fact, just this past November, the New York City Council unveiled a plan specifically targeting the sustainability of the New York City food system. The comprehensive, 82-page paper is called FoodWorks, and covers agricultural production, processing, distribution, consumption and post-consumption. The paper focuses on ways to combat hunger and obesity while simultaneously preserving regional farming and local food manufacturing, and decreasing waste and energy usage. Suggestions include potential legislation and funding opportunities. It’s all around an important document for sustainable food issues in New York City.

Also, check out Grist’s 15 Ways to Celebrate Agriculture on Earth Day.

So celebrate Earth Day! Get outside, visit a farmers market, and enjoy some delicious food.


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