Home Farming Day, Brought to You by Triscuit

{image courtesy of ChicagoNow.com; inflammatory text courtesy of me}

Today, Madison Square Park is hosting “Triscuit Home Farming Day.” From 11:30 to 6:00, New Yorkers can stop by the park to get their hands dirty and take home a free Home Farming Kit to kick-start any fantasies of self-sufficiency into a reality. The event is part of the larger Triscuit “Home Farming Movement.” If you’ve purchased any Triscuits lately (which I haven’t, but some friends of mine showed me their box), you’ve probably noticed the seed starter squares on the back of the boxes. Beginning your own home garden is now as easy as purchasing a box of Triscuits.

Of course, as every young, collegiate liberal should be, I’m incredulous of Triscuit dabbling its pro-capitalist tendrils into a typically anti-capitalist venture such as urban gardening. There must be some evil, corporate plot behind Triscuit’s tiny seed starters – maybe they turn into consumer-behavior tracking devices once they bloom! Or maybe not…

As far as I can tell, the Triscuit campaign actually seems…pretty cool. I was snooping around their new site and they have basically all the information you need to start your own at-home garden. They even have a section that creates a personalized garden plan: just type in your zip code and then specify where you want to garden (windowsill, balcony, yard, etc.), how much time you have to spend, and then finally, which plants or herbs you’d like to grow (depending on what’s suitable for your location, hence the zip code).

Of course, the Triscuit boxes and website do not provide the physical community that’s inevitably fostered as you talk to other urban gardeners. There’s something really special about sharing and receiving farming/gardening knowledge from other like-minded individuals. In fact, I would argue that community is half of the reward of farming or gardening. But of course, I’m saying this from a place of privilege, where I have the resources to reach out to other individuals in my community about urban gardening. So for the Americans who do not have access to similar means, the Triscuit “Home Farming Movement” is a pretty competent stand-in, and a good example of a national corporation doing right by local communities.


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