The Grape Equalizer and a Kombucha Kegger

{photos courtesy of KKBK’s facebook album}

I think I’ve stated my Kombucha Brooklyn loyalties pretty firmly already, especially after they provided Noah and I the resources to begin our own home brew, but I can’t help but write about some of their delicious upcoming flavors! Among them is the facetiously named “Grape Equalizer.” KBBK debuted their new flavor at a “Kombucha Kegger” about a week back at the wonderful Local 61 in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The party touted unlimited ‘buch on tap, including the Spring flavors watermelon-lime, lemon drop, cranberry, and, of course, the grape equalizer. My favorite was the watermelon-lime, which had *gasp* a real watermelon flavor as opposed to the uber-sugary watermelon flavor of say watermelon Jolly Rancher (admittedly still delicious, but not as exciting as true summery watermelon).

Local 61 is a rad place. The bar/pub features local beers (including my favorite local brewers, Sixpoint!), Brooklyn cheese, and of course ‘buch. It was the perfect setting for KBBK’s kegger.

Aside from unlimited ‘buch and good company, the kegger also featured samples of local purveyors Steve’s Ice Cream’s kombucha sorbets: Urban Passion and Red Ginger. The collaboration between Steve’s Ice Cream (more on them later this week!) and KBBK is the perfect marriage of local treats; the sorbets magically have that fizzy ‘buch bite.


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