Our Food System: Sustainability and Taste

And now for something completely different…academics!

My internet presence has been stunted as of late, but I have a good excuse. I didn’t want to talk about it until it was over and I officially secured my spot in the graduation march, but now that I have, I’m extremely proud to say that I’ve passed my colloquium as of yesterday at 12:30PM! The past week has been fraught with books, notes, more books and admittedly a few tears in preparation for the big day.

In order to graduate, Gallatin seniors must complete a colloquium, which is a 2-hour oral exam of sorts but officially dubbed a ‘conversation’ between the student and a panel of three professors. The semester prior to the colloquium, students have to submit a 3-5 page rationale that outlines their concentration along with a booklist of 20-25 books that inspire their concentrations. For most Gallatin folk, this is an exciting time where you can nerd-out over your passion without the threat of your friends rolling their eyes over your polemical remarks (that happens to you too, right?).

My concentration is “Our Food System: Sustainability and Taste.” For any other food system nerds, you can check out my rationale and booklist.


2 Comments on “Our Food System: Sustainability and Taste”

  1. noah says:

    A NEW POST?!? YAY!!!

  2. greendiner says:

    This SHOULD be published! The colloquium is so fleeting, I love how you have captured it, especially the pile of books. Oh boy do I recognize that–in fact, a month later they are still piled that way in my room! Great photo, and congrats!

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