And We’re Back! A South Beach Recap

Sigh, my final collegiate spring break is officially over. I’m slightly burned, but very tan, and still picking bits of sand out of my backpack. As a last “hurrah, college!” my best friend and I decided to do the traditional Spring Break thing (something that neither of us have ever even considered, having held part-time jobs and veritable nerd status for most of college). We dug our swimsuits out of the far reaches of our dressers, dusted off our sandals, and left rainy, cold New York City for the sun-filled streets, 70-degree weather, and turquoise-blue water of South Beach, Florida. The highlights of our trip included the beach (of course), our hostel friends, a chance-encounter with a fantastic flea market, and the only vegan menu in South Beach (probably). WARNING: this post is filled to the brim with pictures.

We spent most of our non-beach time strolling along Lincoln Road Mall. Among a few other small design and book stores, Books and Books is definitely worth a visit. It’s beautifully organized and provokes lazy lingering around the store. It also has a delicious cafe menu (which includes an entire vegan section!) with seating along the promenade. On Sundays, Lincoln Road Mall hosts a wonderful farmers and flea market with some great vintage and thrift finds and local citrus fruits!

Two of my favorite finds from the market were a beautiful desk (I’m in love!) and a working vintage milkshake maker:


One Comment on “And We’re Back! A South Beach Recap”

  1. love the photos! it’s so nasty now in nyc that looking at your shots makes me feel a little more cheery. 🙂

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