Baby Buch Brew Day 30: The Bottle Neck

It’s day 30 of our buch brew which means that it’s time to give our brew some new homes. Paula, our now fully grown scoby, looks thick and yeasty and all around pretty frightening, which in the kombucha world is actually a great thing. We gave our brew a quick taste and it was still pretty sweet, but had that strong kombucha bite that we love.

Noah cut our scoby into three pieces and placed each one into a jar with about a cup of our kombucha. We’re planning on keeping one as a starter for our next batch, BUT that means that we have two scoby mothers up for grabs! If anyone in NYC is interested in starting their own brew we’d love to donate one of our mothers. Just send me an email at saf366 [at] gmail [dot] com!

We bottled our kombucha into 6 pint-sized mason jars. Following the Kombucha Brooklyn buch brewing tip sheet, we’re leaving our jars on the counter-top for 3-7 days to allow them to carbonate before putting them in the fridge. So we still have another few days before we can completely reap the fruits of our labor. Noah and I wanted to flavor our brew with some fresh mango puree, but after cutting through our mango it appeared to have rotted (we seriously can’t keep anything in out kitchen beyond 3 days!). So for now, our buch will remain unflavored, but we have big plans for our second batch which we’ll begin brewing tonight. We’ve already settled on a name for our next brew: Scoby Bryant.


One Comment on “Baby Buch Brew Day 30: The Bottle Neck”

  1. carly says:

    SCOBY BRYANT. genius.

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