Leave It Better’s Sydney Brownstone Stops By to Cook and Ask Us Questions

I once took a journalism class with an amazing fellow eco-feminist-ag nerd (and an equally great professor). We connected over fracking, music, farming, hipster-farming*, and eco-feminism. Sydney Brownstone now works quadruple duty as an intern for the L Magazine (also my former stomping grounds), blogger on her own blog, musician (listen to it, it’ll be stuck in your head for days), and content producer for the video-based eco-minded social media company Leave it Better. OH, and did I mention she’s also a full time student? Yeah, she does all of that.

Last month Sydney stopped by to film Noah and I in the kitchen for a video segment on Leave It Better. We made a Moroccan Squash Tagine, which wasn’t as good as it could have been, but Syd was a good sport about tasting it (thanks to Syd for posting the full recipe on the Leave It Better blog!) Sydney did an amazing job making us look coherent, well-kept, and probably more interesting than we are in reality. Someone, please hire her because she’s that good! Jokes aside, watch the video here, check out Sydney’s blog, and don’t forget to check out Leave It Better.

*more on hipster farming soon…


One Comment on “Leave It Better’s Sydney Brownstone Stops By to Cook and Ask Us Questions”

  1. stephanie, i love the video of you and your bf! it was great to watch you both talking about your farm dreams. it’s been a while since i visited your blog — i love where it’s going! so i just signed up for your email alerts. looking forward to learning more about being an “eco-feminist-ag nerd.” what a memorable phrase.

    and, thanks for the compliment and for linking to my blog here. i had no idea you thought i was a “great” prof. so it’s nice to know. xoxox.

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