Munching On Momofuku Milk Bar Cake Truffles

I’m lucky enough to have a gem of an eatery along my daily walking-commute between my apartment and work/school. Momofuku Milk Bar at 2nd Ave. and 13th St. is not your average bakery. Forget black and white milkshakes or pistachio cupcakes, how about some Purple Drank soft serve or compost cookies? Yup, you read correctly. Out of all the quirky takes on traditional bakery staples, however, one sweet-treat reigns supreme: the cake truffle. At three dollars a pack, these doughnut-hole sized desserts pack a huge punch of desserty-flavor and rich-cake-doughy texture. They come in fun flavors like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Malt, Banana Cake, Apple Pie Cake, and even Pretzel Cake! My favorite is definitely Birthday Cake, but Chocolate Malt is a close second. Check out the rest of their menu here.


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