Baby Buch Brew Day 4: A little adjustment

It’s day 4 of the buch brew. There isn’t much to report, the mother Scoby has sunk to the bottom and we decided to move our brew to our pantry cupbaord in the kitchen where it wouldn’t be exposed to our incense burning and the occasional open window. I also received a little tip from ‘Buchwoman Jessica Childs. It looks like we filled our buch baby fermenting jar up a little too high. Here is Jessica’s diagnosis:

Just a little tip to ensure you get off on the right foot : You want the level of the liquid in your brew jar to be just under where the “shoulder” of the jar starts to taper in, thus ensuring maximum surface area. It looks like you may be a little above this. It won’t cause any harm, but the brew will be more robust with more surface area! You can either gently pour off some of the liquid, or dip in there with a clean tea cup or ladle to pull that level down a bit. Then you will be golden!

Thanks Jess! Noah and I adjusted the tea level accordingly with a clean ladle.  We also gave the buch a sip and it tasted like…tea. Well, tea with the teeniest, tiniest hint of that fermented bite.

I made a deal with Noah, as he isn’t the most enthusiastic supporter of my blogging-induced cheesiness, that I would be allowed to take full creative license in blogging about our kombucha brew if he could name our buch baby. Naturally, Noah googled “ugly girl names” and came up with this classic: Paula.* So there you have it, our baby buch is named Paula.

*I do not think Paula is an ugly name at all. 🙂


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