The Return of Frankenfoods! GM food takeover the sequel

{photo cred: Edibles Advocate Alliance}

And just when you thought the battle over genetically engineered food was won, the industry rears its ugly head once again, only this time with the USDA marching alongside. In the past few weeks, the USDA has deregulated not one but TWO genetically engineered crops: alfalfa and sugar beets, both engineered to resist Monsanto’s ever feared “Round-Up” herbicide. All inflammatory rants aside, genetically engineered food is a complicated topic that incites all kinds of rage on both sides of the argument.

Although he’s no longer writing his “The Minimalist” column at the New York Times, Mark Bittman has moved on to (in my humble opinion) even bigger and better things: namely his new opinion column. (Foodies, do not fret! You can still sample his recipes on his personal website.) Bittman wrote an article on Tuesday that has a succinct and candid  summary of the issues with genetically engineered foods, the most important being that they aren’t labeled. Which, if you think about it, doesn’t make too much sense. Why wouldn’t we label genetically engineered foods? According to a few sources, knowing about your food places too much unnecessary fear in the consumer, it’s “false, misleading, or deceptive.” Well do you know what’s false, misleading, and deceptive? The fact that we still have artificial sweeteners and colorings in our diet sodas that can cause cancer. In any event, Bittman’s article is a good read.

For those of you who missed the hullabaloo in September,  here’s a video on the dreaded frankenfish that almost made it to a fish farm near you (well, near Panama is more like it) last fall:


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