Baby Buch Brew Day 1: the initial ferment

I’ve finally caved and given in to my kombucha calling. I’d been buying Kombucha Brooklyn’s delicious bottles in bulk for a few weeks now, but quickly realized that I couldn’t feed my daily kombucha cravings on my meager student budget. So on Thursday, after consulting with my assets manager (i.e. my computer/online bank account), I decided to take the plunge and invest in home brewing.

4 days and $43 dollars later I have my very own Kombucha Brooklyn home-brew kit! I can’t even describe my excitement at discovering the package at my door on my way out to a TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” viewing party on Saturday. Actually, maybe this picture will suffice:

So why home brew? Aside from providing me with a constant supply of the delicious and happiness-inducing beverage, home-brewing kombucha feeds into my desire to step outside of the industrial food system and just freakin’ make something from scratch. Kombucha also promotes a healthy digestion and well-being with all those live cultures/probiotics, B vitamins, and amino acids. Now who wouldn’t want that?!

The kit comes with everything you need to brew with the exception of the water and the pot (of course). On top of providing potential buch brewers with all their organic brewing needs, Kombucha Brooklyn are even mindful of their shipping practices: the packing ‘peanuts’ are biodegradable!

My home brew kit contents:
-USDA Certified 1 Gallon glass jar
-100% Organic cotton cover
-Rubber band
-1 Brews worth of KBBK’s hand-selected blend of fair trade, organic teas
-Brews worth of organic, fair trade cane sugar
-Very detailed instructions
-KBBK pristinely propagated Scoby in glass jar w/starter

Noah and I began our buch brew yesterday (I’ll refrain from making an inappropriate “conception/Valentine’s Day” joke, but know that I had one in mind). We started by brewing the organic black tea in 1/4 gallon boiling spring water.

After brewing the tea for 20 minutes, we added the organic cane sugar.

We added another 1/2 gallon of the room temperature spring water and then allowed the tea to cool until it was below 95 degrees (we didn’t want to kill our mother Scoby!). Then we ladled the tea into the fermentation jar.

We filled the jar up just below the neck and then added the Scoby and kombucha starter. (Mmm appetizing!)

We covered the jar with the cotton cloth and sealed it with a rubber band.

Me and the baby buch!

Finally, we found a dark, warm spot for our baby buch to brew; naturally, we placed it in the bedroom.

KBBK suggests checking on the brew every day: tasting and marking the progress of the new, baby Scoby. I can’t wait to get home from work and say hello to the little guy! Check back for updates on the baby buch brew! Official baby names to follow…


2 Comments on “Baby Buch Brew Day 1: the initial ferment”

  1. Um…wow? This is pretty incredible. We’ll be watching your brew’s progress! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way. We want you brewing the best ‘buch on your block!

    Cheers and Happy Brewing!
    Team KBBK

  2. […] loyalties pretty firmly already, especially after they provided Noah and I the resources to begin our own home brew, but I can’t help but write about some of their delicious upcoming flavors! Among them is the […]

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