Change the Way You Eat Tomorrow! from 10:30AM to 6:00PM

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I’m writing this post with my food-issue-nerd hat firmly on my head so please bear with me as I geek-out hard.

Tomorrow, TEDxManhattan is hosting an amazing all-day event called “Changing the Way We Eat.” For seven and half hours, a bunch of the most important thinkers of food and sustainability will be discussing our food system in three stages: What happened? Where are we? and Where are we going? Some of my predicted MVPs are-

Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis: the infamous King Corn team (If you haven’t seen it, it’s a refreshingly entertaining AND informative documentary on American corn (and its global consequences). You can find it on Netflix!). Curt Ellis is also one of the founders of FoodCorps, another kick-ass program in its inaugural service period. Service members apply to work on various farm-to-school programs across the country for a year.

Brian Halweil: is the editor of Edible East End and the publisher of Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan. I saw him speak at a Food Systems NYC event last week and the guy is not only incredibly knowledgeable and ambitious, but also hilariously funny.

Frederick Kaufman: wrote the infamous Harper’s mag story “The Food Bubble” in June 2010. He’s also the author of A Short History of the American Stomach (which I’m considering adding to my colloquium book list, exciting!). He also writes for literally all my favorite publications: Harper’s Magazine, the New Yorker, Gourmet (RIP), Gastronomica, and the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

Josh Viertel: the president of Slow Food USA where I interned last semester. This is a HUGE plug for the folks at SFUSA, especially Josh. He’s incredibly smart, non-judgmental AND made time for all the interns. He also made President Obama laugh (but unfortunately not hard enough…)

You can check out the whole line-up of speakers here. The great thing about this TEDxManhattan event is that anyone, anywhere can watch the whole thing live at either a viewing party (there’s one on the NYU campus, rvsp here) OR from the comfort of your own home online (hey, it’s 17 degrees outside today so I totally feel you on not wanting to leave your apartment).


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