Sipping On Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK)

From chocolate to honey to beer to jam, what aren’t Brooklynites cooking-up these days? Now the borough can add home-brewed kombucha to its growing list of DIY culinary treats with the husband and wife company Kombucha Brooklyn. What’s so special about Kombucha Brooklyn? For starters it actually tastes good. I consider myself a pretty tough kombucha sell, comparing the drink to fermented garbage water. Kombucha is a fermented drink after all, and its flavor is pungent, not unlike its cabbage-counterpart kimchi.

The brewing process sounds more like a devious plot point in 2001 A Space Odyssey than it does something you should be doing in your own kitchen. It involves this swamp-thing-esque mold called a “scoby,” or more affectionately called a “mother” by kombucha fanatics, which is your kombucha starter, a mixture of bacteria and yeast. (Google scoby and be instantly disgusted.) But kombucha drinkers don’t necessarily drink it solely for the taste, but instead swear by its probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, etc. Fermented foods in general are said to provide a lot of natural remedies for various bodily maladies. (The New Yorker food issue back in November featured a good article on fermented-foods-demi-god Sandor Katz, the author of Wild Fermentation.) As for my own experience, I was incredulous of the beverage, as I am with any foodie fad, until one bottle of the buch relieved me of some strange, week-long loss of appetite and indigestion. Huh, maybe the fermented fanatics are not fad-crazy after all.

Buchwoman Jess Childs at the Gallatin Eco-Food Fest

But Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK), the Urban Passion flavor in particular, is not only drinkable, it’s tasty and refreshing. Another cool thing about Kombucha Brooklyn: the company is run by husband and wife team Eric “the Buchman” and Jessica Childs. They’re a super-nice couple I first met (well, admired from afar is more accurate) at an Edible event at Brooklyn Brewery on pickling, fermenting, and jarring where Eric gave an entertaining and impassioned how-to on home-brewing. If you’re interested in home-brewing, Kombucha Brooklyn sells complete, reasonably-priced home-brew kits. I asked the couple to work a booth at the Gallatin Eco-Food Fest (which they more than graciously agreed to do so) AND Jess gave me this sweet 10%-off deal to share with anyone reading this post! Just use the promo code NYU10, which is good through February 16th. Check out the colorful video below of Eric (the buchman himself) giving instructions on how to brew kombucha in your very own kitchen.


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