On the Merits of Adequate Kitchen Equipment

{photo cred: blisstree.com}

In preparation for the inaugural Slow Food NYU event tomorrow (as part of the Gallatin Eco-Food Fest), I tested out this recipe for curried butternut squash soup. You might notice that this soup calls to be blended, as most squash soups do. I’ve been avoiding buying an immersion blender for a while, mostly out of economic frugality, and instead I blend  small batches of soup  in a standing blender. Yes, it’s annoying and often perilous, but I’d rather spend the 30 plus dollars on things like groceries or the cable bill or beer.  But last night I had a disastrous Julie Powell moment that finally convinced me of the value of proper kitchen equipment.

I was a woman on the verge of nervous breakdown as the soup pushed up through the bender and violently forced my arm off the lid. My scalding soup splattered ALL OVER my crowded kitchen .  As if the lack of counter-space wasn’t enough to cramp my gastronomic style, I was faced with curry stained walls and  soup burns all over my upper body. After a blood curdling scream, a few expletives, and a non-ironic clean-up with a ShamWow, I poured what was left of the blended soup into a bowl and handed it to Noah. I was too angry to eat and instead had chocolate chip banana bread with Earl Grey ice cream for dinner. I sat on the couch brooding and pouting while watching the State of the Union. In the most gracious display of kindness since we moved in, Noah gulped down the soup and said it was seriously delicious.

Moral of the story: I’m buying an immersion blender.


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