A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Some Preliminary Inspiration

Ahhh yes. Thanksgiving is upon us again. As a vegetarian who has a passion for food, this holiday is both exciting and frustrating. Frustrating because, well, my food choices are usually limited to the selection of sides during this turkey-centered meal. But it’s also exciting because of this seemingly limiting fact: I get to make my own menu and show my relatives that vegetarian food is more than just hummus and raw carrots, which is especially difficult considering Filipinos don’t even have a word vegetarian. I haven’t finalized my menu yet, but I’m definitely going to make roasted brussel sprouts, my absolutely most favorite food, and a pecan pie. I’d like to do some kind of root vegetable or soup as well, but those are unfinished thoughts as of now…

Need some inspiration? The New York Times has a beautiful interactive piece on vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes, including a recipe for Maple-Roasted Brussel Sprouts. In fact, the Times’s Well Blog has a collection of vegetarian-Thanksgiving-related posts!


2 Comments on “A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Some Preliminary Inspiration”

  1. Hello Legumeloyalist,
    Interesting Thoughts, Do you have vegetarians in your family who do not eat turkey? You can prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner without cooking a turkey. You can cook a roast made completely from tofu. Here is a recipe for your vegetarian Thanksgiving meal. I call it the tofu roast that tastes like a turkey.
    BTW great blogpost

  2. Hi There Legumeloyalist,
    I take your point, Can Thanksgiving be good without turkey? Yes. So, if you’re a vegetarian, you need not miss a bit of the fun and ravishment. The core of Thanksgiving lies not in the food, but in the belief and the celebration. What matters is you’re with family and friends and having a good time. You may not get a chance to be with your close ones during the rest of the year. So, whether vegan or not, this is the time to forget everything in the world – remember to be thankful, and cook a great Thanksgiving recipe.
    Nice One!

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