Blueberry Pie for Those Blue Days

Last summer, while road-tripping throughout Maine (gah, nostalgia…), my boyfriend and I bought a wild blueberry pie off the side of the road on the way from Acadia National Park to Boothbay Harbor. There were quite a bit of people selling their homemade blueberry pies alongside Maine’s “highways” (I use quotations because we down-staters would recognize them as country roads, not as the rushing, perhaps four lane messes we’re used to). How luxurious it must be to have time to bake an excess of pies and then sell them from a DIY stand.
We bought the pie, along with some blueberry honey, and ate it as we drove the 3 hours to Boothbay. The flaky, butter crust was soaked with the sweetness of the blueberry filling. No spoonful was enough.

So here it is, summer once more. Instead of the chilly air of Maine’s picturesque evergreen coast, I’m stuck in damp, scorching New York City in my reasonably sized (for Manhattan’s standards) apartment interning and working. Ironically the only thing that cures my pang for a more adventure driven summer is turning up the heat even more and baking.

I freakin’ love pies. They represent, in my mind, the epitome of rural culinary life. But I find them hard to come by here in a city obsessed with cupcakes, artisan ice cream, and rice pudding. Sometimes all a girl really needs is just some good ol’ American pie (ahem…).

I used this recipe for wild blueberry pie from, but I found that the filling was a little too watery for my taste. Maybe it could use some pectin or some more cornstarch/tapioca flour. And instead of draping the crust over the entire pie, I opted for a more traditional lattice top.


One Comment on “Blueberry Pie for Those Blue Days”

  1. christopher says:

    Pie is my favorite dessert.

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