Another Reason Why Governors Island is So Awesome

After the FREE Morning Bender’s concert two weekends ago, and in anticipation for the, once again FREE, She & Him concert this Sunday, and for the ten dollar Local Natives concert in August, I’ve decided that Governors Island is the coolest place to be this summer in NYC.

As if I needed another reason to love GI, the New York Times published an article yesterday about The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, which opened up a new campus on the island, and where teenagers get their hands wet and dirty with Magic-School-Bus-esque aquatic science experiments.

According to the article, the school is outfitted with a fin-fish and shell fish production lab where students breed all kinds of cool aquatic life including crabs! (Really?? This is definitely WAY cooler than the formaldehyde soaked frogs I had to dissect at my high school.) Students also participate in harvesting and cultivating oysters off of two different docks on the island.

And by far the sweetest thing about the school is that it isn’t reserved for the wealthy; the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School is part of the New York City public school system and “85 percent of whose students come from families living below the poverty line.”


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